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Restorative/Transformative Justice Practitioner Trainer, Minister, Singer-Songwriter, Author, Speaker, Coach

My call includes supporting people in being their best selves and healing their broken or alienated parts.   I work with individuals, couples, and groups to identify  and integrate their soul work and LEAD (Listen to Everyone and Appreciate Differences).

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Contemporary laments at the intersection of religion and humanity.

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Être coachée par Tamara s’est avéré une bénédiction professionnelle, personnelle et spirituelle. Ses talents naturels favorisent des prises de consciences et une transformation. Les mots-clés qui me viennent à l'esprit sont la joie, le partage et la croissance. J’ai acquis beaucoup d’assurance dans une zone qui représentait un défi à ce moment de ma vie, alors que j’étais sur le point de publier mon premier livre, Le 6e talent.

Being coached by Tamara has been a blessing professionally, personally and spiritually. Her natural talents bring insights and transformation. Keywords that come to my mind are joy, sharing and growth. I gained a lot of self-confidence in an area that represented a challenge at this time in my life, as I was about to publish my first book, Le 6e talent.

Carole Doucet, MBA, PCC

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