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Tamara Lebak is an Oklahoma singer/songwriter born from two singer/songwriters and mother of an 8 year old. Her melodies are simple americana/folk rock inspired and lyrics are memorable and layered in meaning.

Her current album project is The Psalms Project vol. 1.

Tamara embodies inclusivity before she's even begun to sing. Tamara is an ordained UU minister who believes that the Bible is ultimately about the relentless and persistent love of God for everyone. She is writing a song based on the Psalms (in order). Tamara wants to introduce a new generation to the Psalms through music grounded in scripture but filtered through a lens of today. 

She has completed a congregational hymn book for Volume 1 Psalms 1-25, is touring nationally to share these new songs with her drummer and wife Bonnie, and continues to write weekly with plans for Volume 2 (26-50) soon!



Re-Imagining the Psalms:

Contemporary laments at the intersection of religion and humanity.

Released digitally January 28, 2019.

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