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Internal Family Systems-Informed,Restorative/Transformative Justice Practitioner Trainer, Minister,

Singer-Songwriter, Author, Speaker, Coach

My call includes supporting people in being their best selves and healing their broken or alienated parts.   I work with individuals, couples, and groups to identify and integrate their soul work, explore all of the cycles of which they are a part and then fulfill their purpose in the world. I am a teacher of teachers, a coach of coaches, a minister to ministers, a chaplain to chaplains, a counselor to counselors, and a leader of leaders. It would be my honor to walk alongside you. Sessions are virtual or in Tulsa, OK.

Learn more about Internal Family Systems at work, at home, and in relationship:  Self-Lead -Seth Kopald

Internal Family Systems Explained in 3 Minutes: Dr. Percy Ballard

Internal Family Systems Institute: Registered Professionals

Celeste's Meditation Channel : Spotify

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Your Chronology

Do you feel that time is slipping away from you?

Do you feel like you aren't able to fully enjoy the successes you have had?

Do you find yourself living too much in the past or entirely for the future?

Are you unable to focus in the moment or experiencing burnout?

The magical moment of now contains the most power to impact the world. Being in your purpose, in the moment requires that you heal biographical past trauma, take stock of the culture we live in, release legacy burdens, and embrace your legacy gifts. Let me walk alongside you and keep time until you can do it on your own. Check out my coaching opportunities.



Être coachée par Celeste s’est avéré une bénédiction professionnelle, personnelle et spirituelle. Ses talents naturels favorisent des prises de consciences et une transformation. Les mots-clés qui me viennent à l'esprit sont la joie, le partage et la croissance. J’ai acquis beaucoup d’assurance dans une zone qui représentait un défi à ce moment de ma vie, alors que j’étais sur le point de publier mon premier livre, Le 6e talent.

Being coached by Celeste has been a blessing professionally, personally and spiritually. Her natural talents bring insights and transformation. Keywords that come to my mind are joy, sharing and growth. I gained a lot of self-confidence in an area that represented a challenge at this time in my life, as I was about to publish my first book, Le 6e talent.

Carole Doucet, MBA, PCC

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