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Celebrating Difference, llc

Celebrating Difference offers more than just diversity training. We are a multiracial boutique consulting team who offers outcome focused and research supported training, coaching, and interventions based on a developmental model of intercultural competency and the science of changing habits. When leaders acknowledge and support cultural differences, cultural differences become an asset to performance. Understanding your culture and the culture of those who make up your organization can be the catalyst that propels you to creative solutions and excellence.





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Improve Engagement and Performance
Attract and Retain Top Talent
Increase Team Effectiveness
Improve Teamwork and Collaboration
Increase Workplace Trust
Improve Creative Problem Solving
Navigate Mergers and Acquisitions
Manage Difficult Employees
Improve Customer Experience

New Hires


Diversity and inclusion training modules or programs, when well planned and implemented, enable and engage teams to deliver meaningful business results.

Typical success factors include:

  • Inform people about the organization’s business needs.

  • Implementing changes needed to grow the organization.

  • Provide specific knowledge, skills, and tools that people can use in their daily work.

  • Focus on developing peoples’ intercultural expertise in leading, working in, and contributing to the success of your increasingly diverse and multicultural organization.

Too often, diversity and inclusion training modules or programs fail to achieve a measurable outcome or to have a meaningful impact on business results. We have scalable affordable cultural competency coaching that re-enforces our trainings to create measurable ROI. 

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Artist's Laboratory

Bethany Presbyterian
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Cancer Nutrition Center of America
City Year Tulsa
Department of Defense
First Presbyterian Church Muskogee, OK
First Unitarian Columbus, OH
Hamilton Financial Partners
House Church Tulsa
KHP Financial
National Park Service
Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice

Oklahoma Mental Health Association 
Pacific Northwest Unitarian Universalist Conference
Reproductive Services of Tulsa
Sietar International
Southwest Unitarian Universalist Conference
Teach For America
Tulsa Fertility Massage
Tulsa Public Schools
University of Oklahoma Tulsa School of Community Medicine
US Forest Service
World Bank AFTEG- AFT Africa Energy
YMCA Yulsa

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Kyle Hazelrigg

Our firm utilized Tamara's expertise to help get us through a transitional period. Without her help our transition could have been destructive. Her consulting allowed our team to see insights into each other and ourselves that provided a path to constructively moving forward and placed new accountabilities on each member in a way that was easily accepted and empowering to do the next right thing for our organization. This could not have been achieved without Tamara's unique and professional approach.

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